Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tips for writting and presentation

Give stucture to the literature review
Like any academic paper, aliterature review should contain an introduction, a body and a conclusion, and should be centered on the main idea or argument about the literature you are reviewing.

if the literature review is a longer document or section headers can be useful to highlight the main points for the reades. however, the diffrent sections should still flow together.

Explain the relevance of material you use and cite
its important to show that you know what other authors have written on your topic. however you should not simply restate what others have said; rather, explain what the information or quoted material meansin relation to your literature reviw.
- is there a relevant connection beetwen a specific quote or information and the corresponding argument or point you are making about the literature? What is it?
- why is it necessary to include this piece of information or quotes?

Use verb tenses stategically
- Present tense used for relating what authors say and for discussing the literature, theoretical concepts, method, etc.
"in her article on biodiversity, Jones stipulates that..."

In addition, use the present tense when you present your observation on the literature. "however, on the important question of extinction, Jones remains that/

-Past tense is used for recounting events, result found, etc.
"jones and green conducted experiments over a ten year period. They determined that it was not possible to recreate the speciment."