Friday, December 7, 2012

The Message is Simple

 Sometimes we think about "accept someone with his/her conditions". In Indonesia, we call "menerima apa adanya". what's wrong with this statement? do you feel comfortable when other people say this? of course, because we don't move from lowest point in our life, so we don't feel worried about something. oke lets try to imagine when we face some agenda from diffrent organisation in the same day. This is time to make a choice to attend one of agenda for organisation. This isn't about loyality, because i am sure every people have it for every intention before plan something, but without forget some obligation that we must do in the other time. So, we may accept variety character of our friend with keep his/her feeling to make a personal interaction, but please don't accept infamy to be asociation in our life, we should grow up together and repair our inability to face a complex problem in every step from growing proces. Please see people's value not from his/her wrap, but see from capacity. This message look like what Mr. Gusdur do in the end of his sruggle. Do you remember when he use short and T-shirt in Presidential Palace? the message is simple.